Some people might know him as Vince Carter’s dad, but Coach Carter, father of the basketball star, is a star in his own right.

Vince, who previously was the director of the Center For Drug Free Living’s Arthur Jackson Midnight Basketball Program in Orlando, has made the move from Orlando, Fla., to Brentwood High as an assistant on the school’s boys basketball team.

Carter is also a motivational speaker and tells kids that basketball offers them many opportunities. Carter has a strong anti-drug message in his speeches.

Vince said he uses basketball to garner the youngsters attention and then delves into the deeper aspects of character and faith. I believe that basketball can offer a way out for some of these kids, but what we really want them to know is that they can make it in anything they set their mind to do. If they will have strong enough character to make the right decisions and build the foundation of their life on God, they can succeed in life.

Carter stresses education, determination and the right attitude. You have to ask yourself. Am I doing the best I can? Am I giving my best effort? Is my attitude the best it can be? And always remember that God is the foundation of success.